Unscented Natural Deodorant Mini - Light

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Unscented Natural Deodorant Mini - Light

Smell Like 'Magic', Without Using Harsh Chemicals or Aluminum

Do you wonder how well Primal Pit Paste™ actually works? What’s it smell like? Start with our Minis!

  • Sample each flavor and find your favorite
  • Carry with you everywhere in your bag or pocket
  • Use your mini as a back-up deodorant on-the-go
  • Have a playful week by wearing a different flavor each day
  • Get minis in all three strengths so you can match your changing body chemistry

Primal Pit Paste™ in BPA-Free, Recyclable Plastic Tub - 0.25 oz. (net weight). Contents are 100% Vegan and Biodegradable. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, USA!


Unscented is free of essential oils and has no scent. Perfect for a woman or man who's looking for scent stealth.


Deodorant should be simple -- and good for you -- with ingredients you can pronounce. That's why our deodorants are natural, with no harsh chemicals or aluminum… ever!

Primal Pit Paste Unscented Mini - Light contains only 5 ingredients :

  • Organic Shea Butter
    Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Arrowroot Powder
    Organic Arrowroot Powder
  • Non-Aluminum Baking Soda
    Non-Aluminum Baking Soda
  • Organic Coconut Oil
    Organic Coconut Oil
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E Derived 100% from Sunflowers
    Non-GMO Vitamin E Derived 100% from Sunflowers

Primal Pit Paste uses baking soda to bust stinkies of all sizes. If this is your first baking soda deodorant, use this Guide for First-Timers.

Because Primal Pit Paste is aluminum-free, you will sweat naturally... but you'll smell as "fresh as a daisy". Organic arrowroot powder helps you feel dry while allowing your body to release toxins through sweat.

Our deodorants use a base of moisture-rich, antimicrobial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe your skin.


All Primal Pit Paste products are made with love, cruelty-free, and contain NO BAD STUFF. We guarantee all products are:

  • No Harsh Chemicals
    No Harsh Chemicals
  • Aluminum Free
    Aluminum Free
  • Paraben Free
    Paraben Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
    Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free
    Propylene Glycol Free
  • Cruelty Free
    Cruelty Free



Light Strength icon

For all lifestyles and activity levels. Start here!

Get up to 24-hour odor-erasing performance with our most recommended strength.

Choose Light Strength if:

  • You're new to Primal Pit Paste™
  • You're relaxing (like watching a movie)
  • Your weather is cool (so you're not sweating)
  • You have sensitive skin
  • You're experiencing "grumpy pits"

"A-FREA-KING-MAZING! After a 9-hour shift as a full-time waitress ...I still smelled of lavender after my shift was over. I was shocked"
-- Fel, December 2015

"I have sensitive skin, so I decided to try the "light". It works great! Even now that I have those pregnancy hormones that make me smelly, I have found that Primal Pit Paste will get me to the end of the day (even a summery one) smelling socially acceptable." -- Jeannie, May 2016

Looking for another strength? You can choose from 3 different strengths (Light, Regular, Strong), or layer and combine strengths so you get maximum control over your body odor. People with sensitive skin should start here.

Light and Strong strengths are available only in Jars and Minis.


You will find our Primal Pit Paste creamy and easy to apply to your skin.

Follow these three steps to use Primal Pit Paste:

  1. Scoop about a pea-sized amount of Primal Pit Paste, per pit.
    1. Scoop about a pea-sized amount of Primal Pit Paste, per pit.
  2. Rub your paste in the center of your armpit. Repeat on both pits.
    2. Rub your paste in the center of your armpit. Repeat on both pits.
  3. Allow 5 minutes for your deodorant to absorb into your skin. Then get dressed as usual.
    3. Allow 5 minutes for your deodorant to absorb into your skin. Then get dressed as usual.


Follow these simple steps to keep your Primal Pit Paste fresh:

  • Keep your paste cool. Avoid exposing your Primal Pit Paste to extreme heat or direct sunlight, because the organic ingredients inside can melt.
  • Cool your paste down if melting occurs. Give the ingredients a quick stir, and pop it in your fridge for 30 minutes to return it to a paste-like state.
  • Use within 12 months after opening, 18 months if left unopened.


Are you using a "drug store" deodorant that uses aluminum? If yes, your pits are probably packed with gunk and cheap metals. And we need to get it out!

Let's purge your pits of that buildup. Start with the easy-to-follow steps in our Guide for First-Timers.

Our customer Emily says the purging process is worth it:

"There is an initial detox period while your body sweats out the nasty stuff that it was unable to do with antiperspirants- you will not smell pretty during this time! After detox, you will not experience the smelly issues. The amount of time it takes to detox is individual; some people only have a few days of detox while others can have a couple months. I dealt with it for two months and am so glad I stuck it out!"

Many customers also use our Pit Primer during their Pit Detox to calm any "grumpy pits".

We wish you a very swift and minimally stinky detox period!

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