• Sorry Not Sorry If I Smell! • A few months back, I decided I wanted to switch to natural deodorant products. So, I tried this "pit detox" I had found online made with bentonite clay and ACV in an effort to flush out the crap built up in there over the years. . After 2-3 days, I started to smell HORRIBLY! I never had issues with BO in my life {if I forgot deodorant one day, no smell}. I started caking on the bad stuff again - at the time I didn't realize that this was part of the process - and I mean LAYERS upon LAYERS. My pits stink within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower. Like what gives? . I have never been so self-conscious in my LIFE as I have been these few months. Thank goodness for ads on Instagram, I stumbled across Primal Pit Paste. I perused their page and almost dismissed it as another product that wouldn't work... until I found their pit detox protocol. Smelling during detox is NORMAL! My smell is part of the process that I abruptly stopped doing and began filling my body with bad stuff again. . I ordered their detox regime kit and I'm crossing my fingers that this works! So, if you smell me in he process - sorry! It won't kill ya. 😉 . @primalpitpaste #primalpitpaste #pitdetox #detox #naturalliving #charcoal #naturaldeodorant #smellme

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