Sweat Signature

What's YOUR Sweat Signature?

Everyone's body chemistry is different, which is why we offer a variety of strengths, to help best every body. 

Pick Your Level:

[START HERE] Level 2: For all lifestyles and activity levels.

Get long-lasting odor control performance with our most recommended strength. Long-lasting + absorbs

Choose Level 2 if:

Level 2 also available in Stick application.

Level 1: Good for some customers with low activity levels or sensitive skin.

Choose Level 1 if:

Level 3: Good for some customers with intense activity levels or who experience a lot of physical stress.

Choose Level 3 if:

  • Activity level is high
  • Higher weather temperatures
  • You need extra staying power
  • Your skin is not sensitive
  • You sometimes skip showers for consecutive days. (You know who you are!)


Pick Your Add-Ons:

Pit Primer: Great as a base layer for irritation protection.

Use Pit Primer if:

  • Your pits get red or irritated by baking soda while going through pit detox
  • You recently shaved or waxed your armpits and need help stopping agitation from razor burn
  • You are switching from a deodorant that uses aluminum

Pit Pump: Great as a base layer for extra odor protection and as a mid-day refresher.

Use Pit Pump if:

  • You want to feel clean and refreshed instantly
  • You need to neutralize odor before applying Primal Pit Paste
  • You want to give yourself a mental and emotional boost

PoPo Powder: Great as a top layer for extra moisture protection.  

Use PoPo Powder if:

    • You're detoxing your pits and want more moisture absorption
    • You want more moisture control during hot summer days
    • You have excess stress sweat
    • PoPo Powder provides pure odor protection for “down there”, stinky feet, and shoes.
    • BONUS: You can use it to lift excess oils in hair as a dry shampoo, and more!