Pit Tips

Have a few questions about using Primal Pit Paste? Everyone's body chemistry is different, so we offer a variety of strengths, scents, and application methods to help best fit every body. We'll help with tips and tricks too!


Just a dab’ll do ya! With the jar, scoop out a pea-sized amount (0.2g) on your finger tips and gently rub under each arm. Wait a few minutes for Primal Pit Paste to absorb before dressing. With the Pit Paste stick, hold against the skin for a few moments to allow your body heat to soften the product before swiping it onto the skin. Only 1-2 swipes on each side will do the trick! Do not apply on broken skin. If you're experiencing skin irritation or sensitivity go here


Ever shaved your legs before a day at the beach and get a painful surprise as soon as the salty waves hit your gams? For a short period of time for some, using Primal Pit Paste on freshly shaved pits may give you a similar result. 

Shaved skin is exfoliated skin, so the salt-like nature of baking soda in Primal Pit Paste could sting momentarily once applied so, we recommend shaving at night and then applying PPP in the morning after your skin has had a chance to recover from shaving. Or you can try applying our Pit Primer before Primal Pit Paste.


Primal Pit Paste should not cause staining if applied correctly. Our products do contain a variety of different oils, therefore applying too much product or failing to allow a few minutes for the product to absorb before dressing could cause the product to transfer to clothing, which may result in staining - just like any type of body cream, lotion, or beauty product. So, we recommend to use only a pea-size amount per pit or less and wait 2-3 minutes before dressing. 

More questions? Visit our Pit Tips & FAQs.