Pit Rash VS Pit Detox

Number One Cause of Pit Rash

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Red ArmpitOur Passion begins with Pits! Primal Pit Paste provides expert knowledge on how to transition to a natural deodorant, signs of real pit detox, and help if other issues should arise (aka rash). Should we be stopping this natural perspiring pit function with aluminum? We think not! Antiperspirants contain aluminum that clogs your glands to reduce and stop sweating. Aluminum and parabens have been found in the breast tissue of cancer patients. From this, the story of Primal Pit Paste began! We know that rashes and pit problems can be common among all deodorant and antiperspirant users, conventional or natural, as our arm pit is a very sensitive part of the body. Hacking your personal Pit issues is doable!

A common theme we hear among people having pit reactions to conventional antiperspirants is redness, itching, and even lumps from clogged sweat glands. Ingredients such as Aluminum, Triclosan, Silica, Steareth-n, Propylene Glycol, and chemical fragrances are all associated with causing skin irritation, allergies, organ system toxicity, and cancer. The obvious first answer to solve this is to stop using these toxic, chemically-laden deodorants and antiperspirants. So naturally after 20 years, for most of us using antiperspirants with aluminum, there can possibly be a detox period (though not always), and it varies for everyone depending on YOU! That's right, we all have different experiences and have used different products along the way and all have different body chemistries.

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So What’s Up With a Rash?

You likely have a rash if you are experiencing anything other than what's in our Pit Detox Protocol (Example: redness, itching or burning, skin peeling or flaking) which many people experience from all sorts of personal care products. This includes both conventional antiperspirants and other natural deodorant brand options that try and hide the fact that they have customers who get rashes from their products and suggest adding more powder and claim that friction is the cause. Friction is NOT the main cause of a pit rash and extra powder does not always solve that problem. We always suggest to discontinue use until we help you find the right Primal Pit Paste product for you. A rash or burning, as a side effect, is not in our Pit Detox Protocol as a pit detox.

A rash is a clear indication that your body does not like something. It can be from shaving, contact dermatitis, your body's susceptibility to fungi and yeasts, essential oil sensitivity, or the amount and pH of baking soda in your product. That's why we offer our 3 different strengths that vary in the amount of baking soda, ranging from our Level 2 formula to Level 3 and Level 1, all specifically formulated with different body chemistries in mind!

Rash Hacks:

Rash includes symptoms like red, itching, flaking and/or bumpy skin (aka contact dermatitis). Shaving can contribute to red bumps aka contact dermatitis. Be careful how harsh you shave your delicate pits! Remember, you are creating micro tears and applying anything directly after shaving is not wise - you have fresh, tiny open wounds. We suggest shaving at night and applying Primal Pit Paste in the morning. Also, the health of your blade is super important! Change to new clean and fresh blades often. 

Fungus, bacteria, and yeast overgrowth can sometimes already be present, leading some to be more susceptible to itching due to certain body chemistries. A diet check is always recommended in this case. Fungus and yeast can spread as well with non-breathable clothing and fabrics. Heat and moisture can also be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria to spread.

Last but not least, baking soda can be an issue for some. That's why it's important to eliminate the essential oils first, then find out which level of baking soda both fits your pits’ pH needs, as well as provides enough odor control. We suggest to always start with our Level 1 formula with less baking soda or our Charcoal Detox formula. Other companies flatter us with their copycat baking soda free alternatives, but we offer THE BEST sensitive baking soda free alternative! 

What We Offer:

We are the ONLY company that specializes in offering THREE varying strengths of baking soda based deodorants that have been thoroughly tested and proven safe, as well as the first to offer our baking soda free version called Happy Pits for sensitive pits. The Pit Pump Natural Deodorant Spray helps to lay the foundation of the pit, and it contains organic witch hazel as an astringent and aloe as a skin soother.

Why do we have a Pit Primer and Pit Pump for skin soothing? The question should really be: WHY NOT? We are all about honesty! Companies that claim they don't have customers with pit or skin issues yet still offer lower baking soda or baking soda free formulas are obviously hiding the fact that there are these issues. Why offer a baking soda free option if friction is the only problem? We are fully transparent and honest—no hiding here! Our products are formulated and tested for safety and effectiveness. We are committed to helping you figure out which one is right for you..that's why we offer a skin soothing serum which is great for pits, face, or body! It calms down unhappy pits or skin while we assist you in finding the right deodorant skin solution combo for you.

About Us:

Our expert team at Primal Pit Paste knows about pit & sweat gland health, as well as body & skin care! Primal Pit Paste’s knowledge starts with our founder Amy Cazin - an avid health researcher, proud protective mother, and health & fitness enthusiast - who formulated her first deodorant by herself in her kitchen. She then continued to perfect our Primal Pit Paste line of deodorant offerings with close colleague, head Primal Pit Paste chef, and technical director Robert Dowdell. Robert was a pioneer head chemist at The Body Shop with over 30 years experience in body care formulations, quality control, and testing!

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We also have world renowned expert on essential oils Robert Tisserand on our advisory board, and he guides us on all things essential oil safety related! We have many doctors and healthcare professionals specializing in breast and lymph system health that carry our products for their quality, effectiveness, and safety, and they also use our educational materials! Primal Pit Paste began with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of the body's natural role of sweat and perspiring for the purpose of allowing your body to detox daily through this function for optimal health.

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Primal Pit Paste has never recommended continuing use or ignoring a rash, if rash does occur. We do not suggest a rash/itching/pain is a pit detox, but rather a possible reaction to baking soda and/or essential oils. (Other factors do come into play with skin irritation, however sensitivity is typically the culprit). As always, if any rash occurs we always recommend to discontinue use while our expert team works with you to continue to find the best Primal Pit Paste option for you. Hope this helps clear it up! Literally! We are here to help and our Primal Pit Paste team is ready to help you find the right one for your body chemistry! In the meantime, if you want to start detoxing those pits here are two great articles from awesome people we have worked with who love and believe in our mission!

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