Mint Tough Teeth™ Tooth Powder


Worried about sensitive teeth? Tank-proof your teeth with this natural tooth powder! No fluoride, SLS, Triclosan or other weird stuff.

  • Natural ingredients strengthen and clean to maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • Detoxifying properties help freshen your breath
  • Soft powders gently clean without being too abrasive
  • Get that polished, clean feeling after each brushing
  • Handcrafted in Austin, TX

      Your oral care should support your body's natural protection and cleaning processes, instead of overriding them with chemicals like fluoride, glycerin and SLS.

      Tough Teeth™ Mint Tooth Powder has an RDA rating of 77 and contains just 5 ingredients:

      Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Sea Salt, Myrrh PowderTough Teeth Natural Oral Care

      Tough Teeth Natural Oral Care

      1. Wet toothbrush.

      2. Sprinkle Tooth Powder into lid & dip toothbrush to coat bristles.

      3. Brush, brush, brush! Spit & rinse.


      • Add a few drops of Gum Serum on top of your tooth powder for an even better brushing experience!

      All of our products are handcrafted weekly to ensure that you receive the freshest products!

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