Natural Deodorant Sticks

Primal Pit Paste™ Deodorant Stick is a natural deodorant that actually works! Swipe away your stink with this convenient, easy-to-carry stick. Now you can stop your stink without using aluminum, parabens, or other weird stuff.

  • Neutralize body odor without plugging your pores & glands with aluminum
  • Get long lasting pit protection for the gym or workplace
  • Clean finish so your pits feel fresh and light
  • Handcrafted with real, natural, and organic ingredients, including organic beeswax
  • Award winning paste in a convenient stick
  • You can find Level 2 Jars and Sticks in stores.

  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
    Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
    Cruelty Free
  • No Harsh Chemicals
    No Harsh Chemicals
  • Aluminum Free
    Aluminum Free
  • Effective Odor Control
    Effective Odor Control
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
    Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • It Works
    It Works!


Coconut Lime is a bright, citrusy, tropical scent. Some customers say if they close their eyes, they could swear they're at the beach! Great for fun-loving women and men.


BAKING SODA FREE. Because everyone’s body chemistry is different, we have formulated a baking soda free sensitive stick that is just as powerful and pure as our regular Pit Paste! No pit should be left stinky — including the most sensitive ones.


This refreshing scent will remind you of summer days and ice cream trucks. Smells like creamy orange citrus with hints of vanilla. Fun for anyone who is a child-at-heart. And it's a kid favorite too!