Natural Deodorant Sample Sizes 

Available in Baking Soda and Zinc Formulations.

Start here if you’re new to Primal Pit Paste™. Stop your pit stink with these easy-to-go, easy-to-stow Primal Pit Paste™ Mini sample sizes. If you’re wondering how well Primal Pit Paste™ actually works… start with these Minis!

  • New look and same effective product, now heat and consistency stable!
  • Sample each scent find your favorite
  • Carry with you everywhere in your bag or pocket
  • Use your mini as a back-up deodorant on-the-go
  • Added candelilla wax prevents paste to liquify or leak
  • Have a playful week by wearing a different flavor each day
  • Get minis in all three strengths so you can match your changing body chemistry

  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
    Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
    Cruelty Free
  • No Harsh Chemicals
    No Harsh Chemicals
  • Aluminum Free
    Aluminum Free
  • Effective Odor Control
    Effective Odor Control
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
    Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • It Works
    It Works!


Coconut Lime is a bright, citrusy, tropical scent. Some customers say if they close their eyes, they could swear they're at the beach! Great for fun-loving women and men. Available in Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 strengths.