Flavor of the Week: Which Primal Pit Paste Smells Best?

Whether you prefer a classic deodorant aroma or something with a little more flair, there’s a Primal Pit Paste to suit your senses. No other natural deodorant can compare to our 9 fantastic flavor options. And we admit... it is a little weird to call our deodorants “flavors;” but considering they’re made with organic, food-grade ingredients and pure essential oils (absolutely no synthetic fragrance), the word ‘scent’ just doesn’t feel quite right. Besides, we’re from Austin, Texas... we LOVE weird!

Without further ado, here are 9 of the best smelling deodorants on the planet:

For Men


A tidal wave of invigorating freshness, Seaside is a classic choice for guys looking to stay cool and dry. Plus, it has its own theme song.

Wild Woods

Take a walk on the woodsy side with this blend of sandal, cedar and cypress woods. Wild Woods is the flavor of choice for lumberjacks everywhere.

Palo Santo

Known for its cleansing properties, the fresh, woody aroma of Palo Santo is balanced with rosewood, vetiver and frankincense to help purify both body and mind.


For Women


With major benefits for the body and mind, Lavender is an elegant classic that never goes out of style — that’s why it’s our all-time best seller.

Jacked Up Jasmine

A softer floral option, Jasmine is like walking through a lush garden on the first day of spring. Beware—may induce flower-crown wearing and/or meadow frolicking.

Rockin' Rose

Have a bouquet of roses delivered to yourself each and every day with this gorgeous Rose deodorant. The full-bodied floral is balanced with notes of lavender and mandarin for a beautiful and multi-dimensional aroma.

For All

Orange Vanilla

Perfect for kids and the young at heart, this dreamy creamsicle-inspired flavor is a nostalgic favorite beloved by all and (almost) smells good enough to eat.

Coconut Lime

If you are constantly wishing you were sitting on a tropical beach, Coconut Lime will prove to be a flavor paradise. Fruity and bright, this flavor is another bestseller for good reason!

Mellow Matcha

One of the new kids on the flavor block, Mellow Matcha smells exactly like a freshly brewed cup of green tea — it’s light, fresh, and herbal with a delicate citrus finish. A great way to wake up your pits!


Don’t want your underarms to smell like anything? We’ve got you! Unscented is an excellent neutral option and ideal for anyone with essential oil sensitivities.

Can’t choose just one? We don’t blame you! Consider ordering a mini jar or 2 to try out before upgrading to a full-sized jar. Each sample size lasts up to 2 weeks, giving you plenty of time to get well-acquainted.

In addition to our 9 full-time flavors, we release limited-edition seasonal flavors and occasionally bring back discontinued favorites! So be sure to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear.


Why Patchouli discontinued? My favorite!!

Terri Bell June 18, 2019

I’ve been using this deodorant for about 5 years. I can’t believe y’all stopped making the patchouli. Please bring it back!

Jason Midgett May 14, 2019

I’ve gotta echo everybody above. The patchouli scent matched my body so well, especially when mixed with a spearmint and tarragon body spray. Bring it back pleeeeease.

Conor May 14, 2019

Lemon grass was a favorite of mine so sad it’s gone . Love my creamsickle and I’m excited to try the lemonade I just ordered . Thanks for that 25% off shipping can be a beast lol .

Yummy smelling pits May 14, 2019

I’m going to try a new scent, but really miss the patchouli.

Bill New May 14, 2019

In love with the fresh scent of coconut lime. Would like to see body sprays in the future🥥🍈

Denise May 10, 2019

Yes, the wild woods is a great new “flavor”, but I’m also disappointed that the patchouli is gone. It was my favorite, too! Please bring it back, & in the zinc oxide version!

Richard May 10, 2019

I agree with Natasha! Patchouli was my favorite scent and I have now tried almost all of them. Not only did I enjoy the smell, I found it the most effective and long lasting for odor control. I got compliments often on the fragrance as well. So sad it’s gone :-(

Liz May 10, 2019

Please bring back patchouli!!

Natasha Rivas May 08, 2019

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