Sweat It — Your Primal Pit Detox

Those pits of yours are filthy.

Yes, we know that you showered just this morning. But unless you’ve done a Pit Detox, we can assure you... those pits are rank.

Don’t fret, Primal friend. This can be fixed with the Primal Pit Detox. We call this Stage 1 of Basic Pit Maintenance. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and (we promise, promise, promise) it will be hugely impactful for your overall health — and especially the health of those pits.

Before You Decide a Pit Detox Isn’t For You...

We know what a few of you are thinking.

“I really don’t need this. A Pit Detox isn’t for me because….”

In anticipation of your arguments, we’ve prepared some answers to prove that a Pit Detox is helpful for pretty much everyone. Whether you’re a totally conventional, sweaty teenage boy, a 40-year-old dude rocking the ‘dad-bod,’ a successful, young career woman, or a post-menopausal hippie in hemp-cloth skirts, a Pit Detox is still for you.

I’ve been using all natural deodorants and organic deodorants for years. I don’t need a pit detox.
Actually, you do. Toxic metals, like aluminum, don’t just pack up and leave when you stop using toxic deodorants. Nope, these toxins stay in your skin — sometimes for years and years. Even if you swapped your conventional deodorants for all natural deodorant paste years ago, a Pit Detox is still for you.

I’ve done plenty of full body detox programs. Why should I do this too?
It’s awesome that you’re already on the detox train, but you’re wrong if you think a general body detox is the same as targeting specific areas. Whatever detox program you choose will likely target a specific detoxification organ or channel — and that’s usually the liver, kidneys, and digestive system.

The skin doesn’t often get much attention. A Pit Detox targets the sensitive skin and dozens of lymph nodes in your armpit area. By cleaning house under your arms, you’re also cleaning up a significant portion of your lymph system, which is responsible for immune function and toxin filtration.

This sounds complicated and weird. No thanks.
Actually, it couldn’t be more simple. A Pit Detox requires minimal time and effort, though you will need a little patience. The benefits from a Pit Detox certainly make it worth the wait. Aside from the improved health of your body, most people also report that their pit detox significantly diminished pit stink overall — even on days they don’t wear any deodorant.

As far as being weird, this is really not much different than a clay mask, a trip to the sauna, or any other bodily ‘spring cleaning’ you might do. And, when it comes to our bodies, isn’t everything kinda weird?

Why Do I Need a Pit Detox?

We can boil this down to three Big Reasons. Here they are...

Big Reason 1. Your pits’ pores ain’t pretty.
Conventional deodorants use harmful chemicals, additives, and metals like aluminum to prevent sweating and odor. Unfortunately, these ingredients block your pores as well. The result is a bad buildup of trapped sweat, toxins, and bacteria in your skin and surrounding tissues. This can contribute or lead to rashes, sensitivity, large pores, bumpy skin, and excess stink.

As we said — not pretty.

Big Reason 2. Your skin is a delicate primordial soup.
Okay, not exactly a soup. But, your skin microbiome is home to trillions of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and parasites. Before your skin starts crawling, let us reassure you that not all parasites and bacteria are bad. In fact, these tiny organisms create a microbiome balance that is actually a huge part of what keeps your body healthy.

Antibacterial soaps and chemical-laden deodorants throw off this natural balance, allowing bad bacteria to flourish and toxins to start piling up.

Big Reason 3. Your lymph nodes and sweat glands need love.
Your underarm area (along with your neck and groin) contains a huge quantity of lymph nodes, as well as sweat glands. These tiny glands route lymph fluid throughout your body and are highly efficient filters that remove harmful substances from your body. Lymph fluid also contains immune cells that fight infection by attacking and destroying germs.

If your lymph nodes are crippled by chemicals from years of conventional deodorant, they won’t be doing much routing, filtering or germ-fighting. Instead, you’re stuck with a growing buildup of toxins and an immune system with a limp.

A Pit Detox helps stimulate your lymph system, shedding all the gunk stuck beneath the skin so that your lymph system can get back to functioning optimally. Follow it up with an organic natural deodorant, and you’ve got yourself some happy, healthy lymph nodes.

How a Primal Pit Detox Works

Our Primal Pit Detox is packed with organic ingredients designed to nourish the body, remove toxins, and naturally control bacteria and fungi.

Let’s look at just a few of our Pit Detox ingredients.

  • Bentonite clay: has a strong negative electrical charge. Toxins with a positive charge, such as heavy metals, impurities, and some chemicals, bond to the clay and are removed from the skin. Added benefit: bentonite clay is loaded with vital minerals that are absorbed into your body, even as toxins are pulled out!
  • Activated Charcoal: binds to and pulls apart the environmental toxins, dirt, and oils that are clogging the pores of your pits. As these are removed from the skin, those pores are finally able to ‘breathe’ and will begin to detox naturally — the way they were always meant to. In fact, activated charcoal’s chemical-binding abilities are so powerful, that it’s commonly used in hospitals as an emergency treatment for poisoning. As the poison attaches to the charcoal, it can then be removed from the body. It’s this property that makes it such a powerful ingredient for pit detoxification.
  • Organic Coconut Oil: coconut oil has gained a spot in the limelight in the last decade and for good reasons. Organic coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, killing off those unwanted microbes that are throwing off the balance of your skin’s microbiome. It also nourishes and moisturizes your pits, improving overall skin function and health.
  • Magnesium: magnesium is an essential nutrient for all detoxification systems. This critically important mineral works to remove metals from storage, such as aluminum, mercury, lead, and more. The magnesium in our Pit Detox works at pulling out heavy metals from the area and nourishes the cells for better detox function. It also helps to lower inflammation in the lymph nodes, a possible side effect of the detox.
    -- NEW FORMULATION will contain magnesium --

What to Expect During Your Pit Detox

The Pit Detox experience is a little different for everyone. Even so, there are a few perfectly normal bodily responses to a Pit Detox that you should expect to see. These responses may not be pleasant, but they are excellent signs that your body is cleaning house.

You might be sweatier than usual.
Sweating pushes out toxins — especially metals, like aluminum. Aluminum is a common ingredient in conventional deodorants because it blocks your sweat glands in order to reduce perspiration. Unfortunately, this means all those toxins your body was trying to sweat out stayed stuck inside along with all that sweat. Now that you’re using all natural deodorant paste, your pits are finally free to let the sweat flow! And flow, they will.

But don’t sweat it. This is a great sign that wonderful things are happening beneath your skin. Your sweat production will normalize and even possibly decrease over time. Aluminum, a primary ingredient in most deodorants, actually makes you sweat MORE. By creating ‘clinical strength’ deodorants that are high in aluminum, the anti-perspirant industry is actually feeding the cycle of increased perspiration and body odor.

Your body will always try to do what it was created to do — in this case, SWEAT! By restarting that process, your body may jump into a temporary, sweaty overdrive.

You’re probably stinkier than normal.
Don’t FREAK out. After years of slowly building up beneath the surface of your skin, there’s a lot of junk for your body to clean out. Toxins and bacteria are like garbage — and as you know, garbage rarely smells like roses. As the detox draws waste out of your skin and into the open air, you might notice a slight, unpleasant aroma.

Rest assured, this detox period should only last a few days but is different for everyone. And once you’ve made it through, you’ll deal with less armpit stink than you ever thought possible.

Your pits are a little tender.
Detoxification can sometimes create inflammation, but the good kind. As your lymph glands are frantically filtering toxins, bacteria, and metals out of your body, you may find that all this extra effort makes them become a little inflamed. This is normal, and shouldn’t last more than a few days to a couple of weeks. Armpit rash may also briefly occur. If this does occur, the Pit Serum included in your Pit Detox package will offer relief. This serum is designed to soothe irritated skin that sometimes occurs during a transition to natural deodorants.

You can also contact our Customer Care Team so we can help answer any questions you have about your Detox. We’re happy to help you out!

If you find that the discomfort becomes severe or doesn’t go away, check in with a doctor to make sure that everything is normal.

All these temporary side effects are perfectly normal, and they definitely don’t mean that your search for an all natural deodorant that works has failed. These side effects are actually great signs that your body is responding well to your organic deodorant choice.

Want more details before you commit? You can read more about what to expect during a Pit Detox Protocol right here.

How to Get through Your Pit Detox More Quickly

Yep, you can speed things up. The best route is to clean up your diet and lifestyle and make sure your detox channels are functioning well.

  • Drink more water. Water flushes toxins out of the body and keeps us hydrated so that our detox organs, which are working overtime, can keep up. So, drink up — and then drink some more. (Nope, coffee and soda don’t count. Go for filtered water and herbal teas instead.)
  • Fill your plate with nutrients. Detoxing is hard work for your cells, your lymph system, your liver, kidneys, and even your guts. By supplying your body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients, your body will be able to have the energy and power to continue cleansing and healing damaged tissues. Eat lots of veggies, fruits, lean meat, and fish. Avoid sugary and processed foods.
  • Exercise! Exercise helps our bodies pull out toxins out of storage to be flushed free from our bodies. Sweating is a great way to get rid of toxic metals, phthalates, BPA and PCBs.

When you’re done with your detox and those pits are finally free and clear, it’s time for you to assess your Sweat Signature and (probably) level up on your pit paste. During the Pit Detox, we have you start out on a Level 1 Pit Paste. Depending on your age, gender, and activity level, you may need to explore Level 2 or Level 3 pit pastes in order to find the most effective natural deodorant for your needs. You can check your Sweat Signature here.

Happy Detoxing, Primal friends! If at any point you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Everything relating to pits, anyway. Contact us here or sign up for our newsletter so you can get regular tips on staying healthy.


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