3 Reasons You’ll Be Over the Moon for Our Newest Deodorant

In honor of the rare blue flower moon due to grace the sky on Saturday, we developed a once-in-a-blue-moon deodorant that might eclipse our other 9 flavors. Blue Moon is an out-of-this-world zinc deodorant that’s guaranteed to launch you into pit paradise. Here’s why:

1. It’s an effective, all-natural deodorant with no B.S.

...Bad Stuff, that is. Our deodorants never contain aluminum, parabens, harsh chemicals or other toxic ingredients, and Blue Moon is no exception. It’s made with organic, food-grade ingredients that are good for your body and bad news for B.O. Click here for the full ingredient list.

2. Zinc oxide + blue tansy essential oil = seriously sensitive skin-friendly deodorant.

Angry, irritated pits are a thing of the past for all you sensitive guys and gals! If you’ve got touchy pits or if baking soda doesn’t agree with your body chemistry, our zinc line is the natural deodorant solution you’ve been searching for. But Blue Moon takes it a step further by combining the skin-soothing, odor-busting properties of zinc oxide with the antioxidant power of blue tansy essential oil to calm and deeply nourish the delicate skin under your arms. Win-win.


Pardon our Texan, but Y’ALL - this flavor! We’re working on getting the scratch-and-sniff feature up and running, but until then... here are a few colorful descriptions from our people:

“It’s like if Mother Nature made Fruit Loops!” - Amy, Founder & CEO

“Oooooo - it’s like a sweet melon.” - Madison, Customer Care

“If Kate Middleton had a signature scent, this would be it." - Lori, Marketing

"I imagine this is how Tinkerbell's pixie dust must smell." - Mark, Wholesale


In short, it’s nose nirvana. But, Blue Moon won't be around forever. This flavor is a limited-edition, so grab yours before it’s too late!


What happened to the Blue Moon deodorant?! I’m almost out, and I came to reorder – to find it nowhere?!

Stephanie Davis November 12, 2019

Hi Robert! We have an unscented zinc stick AND an unscented magnesium stick :) Here are links to both:



P3 Pure May 21, 2019

Need an unscented deodorant stick, like we have bought in the past.
Charcoal makes me break out, having tried Schmidts. Please advise.

Robert Rogers May 21, 2019

So-wow! I just ordered some more cool stuff from you and received a new deodorant (BlueMoon) for free!! I’m so excited to try it! I am totally in love with your zinc product line. The products are SO effective! They keep me smelling great and treat my sensitive underarms with care. I will not try anything else because it’s not worth the risk! I love my P3 zinc!!

Stacy May 18, 2019

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