A Mother’s Mission: Founder & CEO Amy Perez On Why She Created Primal Pit Paste

Necessity is the mother of invention, and for me, never was that more true than when I found myself in need of an effective, nontoxic deodorant safe enough for my kids to use.

In 2010, my 3rd grade daughter came home from school with a noticeable body odor. I didn’t think she was old enough to have B.O. and thought surely it was an anomaly. But soon, I found out that other parents were noticing the same problem with their children, even as early as two.

I didn’t want my kids to suffer from embarrassing B.O. — but I didn’t want to expose them to potentially harmful chemicals, either.


And so began my hunt for a highly-effective, all natural deodorant. But after searching high and low, I came up empty-handed and frustrated. If I couldn’t buy the deodorant I was looking for, I decided I’d just have to make it myself. So, I turned my kitchen into a makeshift lab — experimenting with simple, natural ingredients like organic shea butter, organic coconut oilbaking soda, and essential oil. After more than a year of trial batches and fine-tuning, I perfected the formula.

No aluminum, no parabens, no GMO ingredients, no synthetics and no harsh chemicals  — I finally had a deodorant that was safe enough for my kids and effective enough to keep them smelling fresh. Not long after, I realized I wasn’t the only one with a need for a clean alternative to traditional antiperspirants deodorants, and started sharing jars with friends, family, and fellow CrossFit athletes. That little jar became about so much more than simply fighting odor; it became a mission to knock toxic products off the shelf. And we are still on that mission today.

We think a lot about the impact of toxic chemicals in our food, but now it’s becoming clear that what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it.


More and more, people are trying to avoid chemicals like parabens and aluminum in all their personal care products, not just deodorant. That's why I’m so proud that P3 Pure now provides personal care solutions that are natural, safe, and effective for people around the world. From body powder to lip balm to a complete oral care line, my primal need to protect my family has grown into a healthy living phenomenon. Join us and Go Primal!


You can still find Amy in the lab kitchen at P3 headquarters in Austin, Texas, innovating and experimenting with new ingredients, flavors and mediums in her quest to create the highest-quality, all-natural and effective body products — with zero bad stuff.

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I remember walking next door to your house to buy my pitpaste.. Amy would be cooking up another batch. I was already aware of the damage that aluminum and other toxins could cause, so I was very happy to find a “healthy” deodorant that actually worked.I had tried many other so called healthy deodorants-but they didn’t work. Love my pitpaste because it does the job!

Judy May 28, 2019

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