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  •  This product is hand-crafted using these all natural, organic ingredients: Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Shea Butter,  Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oils: Clove Leaf, Orange, Lemon, and Cinnamon Leaf

Primal Pit Paste Stick, Regular - Primal Spice


Product Description

Primal Spice is a combination of clove, orange, lemon and cinnamon. It's warm and earthy (think chai tea!)
We added beeswax to our popular Primal Pit Paste formula so that we can offer the same great organic deodorant in a convenient stick form! 

Primal Pit Paste Stick is an organic, all natural deodorant that actually works! Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor and organic arrowroot powder helps you to feel dry while allowing you to still sweat and release toxins. These powders are mixed in a base of moisture rich and anti-microbial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe skin. 

This product is hand-crafted to ensure that every stick only contains the finest organic products. NO Aluminum, NO Parabens, NO Toxic Chemicals, NO Fragrances, NO Corn, NO Gluten, NO GMOs and absolutely NO Bad Stuff!! 

Ingredients: Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Shea Butter,  Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oils: Clove Leaf, Orange, Lemon, and Cinnamon Leaf, Non-GMO Vitamin E derived from 100% Sunflowers

Other: 2.0 Ounces of Primal Pit Paste in each stick. When using the Primal Pit Paste Stick, hold the open stick directly on your pit for a few seconds to allow your natural body heat to soften up the Primal Pit Paste, ensuring a smoother, more consistent application. 2 or 3 swipes with the stick on each pit should work great! Remember, everyone's body chemistry is unique. See our FAQs for information on pit detox and other help regarding shaving and essential oils. Best if used within 12 months after opening.

With all of our ingredients being natural and organic with no additives whatsoever, we recommend best freshness and consistency of this product if used within 24 months (if left unopened) or 12 months after opening. Please choose your product quantities carefully when purchasing

Product Reviews

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  1. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2015

    One of my favorite scents. It's great that I don't have to worry about it poisoning my body. Works great, love it!

  2. A deodorant that I feel good about

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2015

    I really love this deodorant, I've tried two scents, Jasmine Fancy and Primal Spice, they're both great. I really like the stick form, it's super convenient. I have sensitive skin, but I don't get irritated from the formulation and I love that the ingrediants list is short and simple.

  3. Smells good and really works!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Aug 2015

    Smells like orange, cinnamon, clove-ish. I'm not patient enough to let it warm on my skin before I start applying it, so I just start rubbing (which doesn't feel that great so I should really learn to be patient) but it softens up pretty quickly. Does a great job as a deodorant!

  4. Great Product!!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2015

    This is a great deodorant! I really works well. Smells amazing!!

  5. This Suff Works!

    Posted by Julie on 12th Aug 2015

    This is the only non-aluminum containing deodorant that I have ever used that actually works. Primal spice is my favorite scent. It is not for reducing wetness, just odor. I will never use anything else!

  6. Manly and Marvelous

    Posted by liz on 7th Aug 2015

    We've been loyal pit paste users for about 2 years now. This is my husband's favorite scent. Great every day!!! He won't go anywhere without it!

  7. Love it!

    Posted by Sara on 6th Aug 2015

    I bought this for my girlfriend, who is hesitant about natural hygiene products. After three days of using Primal Pit Paste, she is a total convert! In her words, "Not even my clinical strength deodorant worked this well!" Needless to say, we are sold on this product. She loves the Primal scent and I'm all about Jacked Up Jasmine. Great stuff!

  8. I prefer the paste.

    Posted by Natasha on 20th Jul 2015

    I am a huge fan of the Primal Pit Paste, especially in the Primal Spice scent !!
    However, I wanted to try the stick out for on-the-go convenience, rather than tote the paste and the applicator around.
    The reviews did warn about the harder consistency of the stick and that one should let it warm up in between the fingers before applying (which defeats the purpose of mentioned convenience). I thought that by keeping it in the bathroom during shower times I would be able to apply it as a regular deodorant (as it would surely soften up due to the steam and humidity). I was wrong. Also, the paste appears to be a lot more efficient in working as, well a pit paste, whereas with the stick, I do not feel confident that it will mask odors. It also does not feel as lovely on my skin as the paste does.

  9. Great stuff!!

    Posted by Kim on 29th May 2015

    I tried the pit paste and love it so I got my friend the stick.
    It works soooooo well!!

  10. My Husband Loves It

    Posted by Erin on 21st May 2015

    I bought the primal spice scent for my husband after I finally convinced him that the lavender was working for me and that he didn't need that nasty regular deodorant/antiperspirant. He was skeptical, but it works great, and I really like the smell on him. He's now fully converted, and thinks that regular stuff is terrible. Yay, success!

  11. Surprisingly Great

    Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2015

    I was skeptical about "natural" deodorant at first, but I'm really happy with Primal Pit Paste. I bought some for both my husband and myself, and we live in Phoenix so we've given it a real test. When it's 110 outside, we sweat but we don't notice any odors, which is pretty great.

  12. Great stuff!!

    Posted by Jess on 4th May 2015

    Our family has been using primal pit paste now for approximately 6 months and have been very happy. It has been the only natural product we've tried that really works, and I've even given it the gym test!!!! ;)

  13. No more sweaty pits

    Posted by Kori on 30th Apr 2015

    I was leary when first purchasing the natural pit paste. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband was impressed with the coverage.

  14. So awesome

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2015

    FINALLY!! A natural deodorant that doesn't make you stink!! THANK YOU!!!

  15. SO GOOD!

    Posted by Amanda on 6th Apr 2015

    I love this deodorant. The idea of shaving my armpits and then shoving aluminum in the little nicks and cuts seem bad to me, so I'm really happy to have PPP now. It keeps me smelling good.

  16. Just what I have been looking for!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2015

    I have been searching for a natural deodorant for years and was unhappy with every product I tried until Primal Pit Paste! It works great and smells amazing! I whole-heartedly recommend the Primal Spice Natural Deodorant Stick!

  17. Happy Pits!

    Posted by Nichole on 27th Mar 2015

    I am in love with all of the Primal Pit Paste products! I've been using them for over a year and will never use anything else. I've literally tried every organic, all-natural, anti-aluminum deoderant out there and PPP far exceeds them all. It is refreshing to know after one application in the morning I am good to go all day long. I am a fan for life!


    Posted by Tammi on 23rd Mar 2015

    I ordered the stick deodorant for my teenage son. Having already gone natural myself I knew he would likely have a transition period and warned him. He came home the first day after using it and said "Mom, that deodorant is AMAZING! I worked out in gym and didn't even sweat and in the classes I normally get hot in I didn't sweat either!" He also loved the scent and doesn't miss the chemical-laden deodorants one bit! There was no transition period for him, kids are always so much more resilient. He is sweating less and I have noticed he doesn't have the same body odor he had before. Thank you Primal Pit Paste!!

  19. Great ingredients, great scent

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2015

    Primal Pit Paste is hands down my favorite all-natural deodorant. The ingredients are superb and safe. Also, I enjoy this scent. It's like a spicy chai flavor.

  20. This actually works!!!!

    Posted by Santana on 10th Mar 2015

    This is the only natural deodorant that has worked for me. Not only does it work, it works better than antiperspirants I've used in the past. It was worth every penny! It also smells amazing.

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