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  • Coconut Lime - Try a mini! We created mini sizes so you could try all our flavors and decide which one you like best. Each sample contains approximately 1 to 2 weeks of Primal Pit Paste. Our Primal Pit Paste mini sizes are packaged in natural plastic which is also BPA-free and recyclable--perfect for on the go!

Mini Coconut Lime

Maximum Purchase:
1000 unit(s)

Product Description

Coconut Lime is a bright, citrusy, tropical scent - like a tropical drink!

Primal Pit Paste is an organic, all natural deodorant that actually works! Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor and organic arrowroot powder helps you to feel dry while allowing you to still sweat and release toxins. These powders are mixed in a base of moisture rich, anti-microbial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe skin. Primal Pit Paste regular strength is what we always recommend for first time users to allow their body to acclimate to the pH of baking soda. 

We created mini sizes so you could try all our flavors and decide which one you like best. Each sample contains approximately 1 to 2 weeks of Primal Pit Paste. Our Primal Pit Paste mini sizes are packaged in natural plastic which is also BPA-free and recyclable--perfect for on the go!

This product is hand-crafted to ensure that every jar only contains the finest organic products. NO Aluminum, NO Parabens, NO Toxic Chemicals, NO Fragrances, NO Corn, NO Gluten, NO GMOs and absolutely NO Bad Stuff!! 

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder,  Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Coconut Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Organic Coconut Flavor, Non-GMO Vitamin E derived 100% from Sunflowers

Other: 0.25 ounces of Primal Pit Paste in each sample jar. Apply only a pea sized amount of Primal Pit Paste under each pit. Remember, everyone's body chemistry is unique. See our FAQs for information about pit detox and other help regarding shaving and essential oils. Best if used within 12 months after opening. Because of the nature of coconut oil, do not leave in extreme heat or direct sunlight, as the paste can melt. If this happens you can give it a quick stir and pop it in your fridge for 30 minutes to bring it back to its paste-like state.

 With all of our ingredients being natural and organic with no additives whatsoever, we recommend best freshness and consistency of this product if used within 18 months (if left unopened) or 12 months after opening. Please choose your product quantities carefully when purchasing. 

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  1. Awesome scent!

    Posted by Mercedes on 7th Feb 2017

    I bought this to test if my fiance is allergic to the scent or not. So far so good on that front! The smell is awesome! It seems to last awhile and it works great as deodorant. I'm definitely going to reorder! I made the mistake of leaving it in my car overnight during a snow storm. Once it thawed it wor ked great.

  2. Love It

    Posted by ChissolssiC on 31st Jan 2017

    I am in love with this deodorant I have a skin condition that causes me to get cyst under my arms and regular deodorants causes it to flare up really bad so I had to stop using it and organic deodorants make my skin burn and peel real bad but I've been using this deodorant for two weeks now & it's been wonderful it goes well with my body chemistry I smell fresh all day my cyst have stayed away and I havent had any burning or peeling of the skin my armpits feel amazing for once I am so glad I found this product it's perfect for me!!!! & it smells delicious lol

  3. love, Love, LOVE!

    Posted by Deb Prince on 8th Jan 2017

    I purchased this as part of the stocking stuffer offer over the holidays, and have not been disappointed! All the products I have tried have made me very happy- not only are they natural, but they work. I enjoy "matching" the scents to my mood for the day!

  4. Unexpected Delight!

    Posted by Julie Rogers on 22nd Jun 2016

    I usually stick to the mild patchouli for my fragrance but had to take the opportunity to try this one, so I added the trial size to my usual order. And man! I LOVE it. I love that i get whiffs of citrus and coconut now and then and it is so fresh. I'll definitely be getting a bigger jar the next time I place my order! Thank you P3 for always coming up with awesome products!! -with love from West Virginia

  5. Love this trial size

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2016

    Great smell!has more of a lime smell than coconut though

  6. Wasn't keen on the scent

    Posted by RV on 12th May 2016

    I didn't particularly like the Coconut Lime scent. The lime aspect seemed a little cleanser-like.

  7. My fiance loves this

    Posted by Ashley Andrews on 6th Apr 2016

    It's a great scent I gave it to my fiance and he loves it!

  8. No pit stains!

    Posted by Katrina Puleo on 29th Mar 2016

    Its incredible! I started using the pit paste as soon as I Received it and I have not had a white ashy pit residue/stain in a single shirt since!

  9. Bought for a Pre-teen

    Posted by Jessica on 25th Mar 2016

    Easy to apply, no mess, not greasy
    Scent is not overpowering and is gentle on a sensitive nose
    No irritation on irritation-prone skin
    Kid (12-yr-old) approved
    Seems to stand up to gym and general pre-teen funk

    Cons - TBD

  10. What can I say? I'm a sucker for trial sizes.

    Posted by Jen on 22nd Mar 2016

    I love LOVE getting trial sizes of anything. lol I especially love these. They are perfect for taking anywhere, I've even stuffed on in my purse. The coconut lime scent is pleasant enough, not my favorite one, but still good.

  11. wonderful product

    Posted by amber on 12th Feb 2016

    Best deoderant! Love the coconut lime scent. Very fresh but not overpowering. Ordered 2 full size jars. Will continue to order and recommend!! Thank you!!!

  12. Love the scent

    Posted by Donna on 13th Jan 2016

    The coconut lime scent smells amazing, and I love the trial sizes unfortunately the deodorant did not work for me. I used it on 3 different days and at the end of each day I didn't smell too good. My pits have been detoxed for almost a year, so I'll have to give the strong a try.

  13. Simply Amazing!

    Posted by Amanda W on 7th Jan 2016

    I'm in love with this product! This is my first time trying a natural deodorant. I was highly skeptical with trying a natural deodorant, because I "sweat like a man", but this deodorant works so well. I'm still in the pit detox phase but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm constantly on the move at my job & this keeps me stink free all day. I even have my coworkers paying attention to see if a green fog can be seen around my pits. Nope! It can feel a little damp occasionally but it's tolerable. (Just read the detox page to know what to expect). The coconut lime has a very refreshing scent. Not overpowering at all. I highly recommend this product for anyone who's looking to better their health & ditch the chemical deodorants/antiperspirants. I've already purchased the full sized version!

  14. Wonderful!

    Posted by Colin on 7th Jan 2016

    Primal Pit Paste is awesome. I've been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works and this is the one. The scent is great and the paste is not greasy at all. Plus, you don't have to use a ton to get the job done. Will definitely purchase the full-sized version!

  15. Love this scent!!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2016

    First of all, love the trial sizes!! Great way to "try" before ordering a big size. I have tried the lavender, which I am personally not a fan of but a lot of people love the smell of lavender. I also tried the Jacked up Jasmine, a little strong scented for me personally. This coconut lime one is a win for me and my two young girls. I wear it on less active days as I typically need the strong instead of light. I am so glad to have found Pit Paste at all, exactly what I was looking for in an all natural deodorant, that doesn't break the bank! Couldn't be happier and will NEVER return to regular deodorant/antiperspirant again!

    For anyone just browsing, as I first did for days before deciding to try this company/product at all.. DO it!! Just remember if you are just stopping from using regular deodorant/antiperspirant your armpits will need to detox and will smell more than typically.. this will pass! Also this product is NOT an antiperspirant.. there is nothing natural about preventing your body from perspiring. It is healthy and good for you, and will become less and less as you let it do it naturally instead of building up all the junk in your arm pits from trying to prevent it every day! This product is a deodorant.. that works by only preventing the bacteria on our skin from producing an odor, and it works naturally! So yes you will still sweat some if active.. but that's okay!! You won't smell and your health will be better off!

  16. It really works!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2015

    I have tried many natural deodorants, but have yet to find anything that really works until now! The Primal Pit Paste really does work. You only need a small amount of the paste which goes on smoothly. Your armpits don't feel slimy or sticky & the coconut & lime fragrance is light & fresh. It also lasts all day without needing reapplication. Now that I've tried this product I'm never going back

  17. coconut lime pit paste

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Nov 2015

    Really enjoyed the scent and the odor coverage. Kept me body odor free for 48 hours as it suggested. That's as long as I went without showering. I will definitely continue to buy this product. I love that it is organic and chemical free!

  18. new flavorite

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Oct 2015

    I've always worn lavender, but this is such a nice beachy smell! It's fun to change.

  19. Love this scent!!!!!

    Posted by heather on 19th Oct 2015

    I ordered a sample size of this during the Super Moon promotion and I wish now I had just ordered multiple full size jars of this! The smell is absolutely amazing, probably the best Primal scent yet!

  20. Can I eat it?

    Posted by Claudia Lozano on 25th Sep 2015

    I'm usually loyal to the thyme and lemongrass, but I think I've become a coconut lime convert! I love the way it smells! So fresh and not overpowering on either the coconut or lime.

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